May 15, 2019. Patricia Fero LMSW, Psychotherapist and author of  "What Happens When Women Wake Up?"

 Short endorsement:

 "A Vital World: Women Designing Eden is a wake-up call for all who can see that the Sacred Feminine is our only way home." 


 "It was clear to me from the first few pages of A Vital World: Women Designing Eden, that the Sacred Feminine was speaking directly through Charlotte Alling.  Many of us are understanding that it is only through the rise of the feminine that our world will survive. Alling shows us how we can not only survive, but thrive.  With crystal clarity, she describes how we can create a return to the garden which is our precious Mother Earth  This is one of the most important books you will ever read."   

May 11, 2019. By Louise M. Hewett, artist, Egg & Serpent Studio, and author of the Pictish Spirit series "Mist," "Wind" and "Flowers" 

A beautifully presented and restorative journey, I found A Vital World, Women Designing Eden a vision of an equitable and co-creative way of being that seeks the fostering and establishment of what is, essentially, partnership – acknowledging the complexity of human communities in and with all of nature. Drawing on community-sourced and supported, practical, instinctual female impulses to create and nurture, Alling declares, "Women can change the world."

Drawing upon the idea of "Eden" – a healthy, fecund, and non-exploitative state – this tender and meditative book is a challenge, a call to remembering a world of equilibrium and with-ness in order to envision and design contemporary and future cultural environments. By juxtaposing aspects of consciousness and a female-referring empowerment with her photographs of nature and of human design, Alling invokes an awakening of insight, our sight suffused with intention to heal what we have so recklessly harmed: our potential for our own future on this incredibly beautiful Earth. This book brought me to tears and inspired me. Thank you, Charlotte Alling, for sharing your vision.

May 15 2019.Heather Rae, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, The Wellness Spot.

In "A Vital World, Women Designing Eden, Charlotte Alling illuminates the feminine and our failure to honor it - at our own demise. Her words echo those of Christopher Hedges' psychosis of war that has led us to the destruction of our essential humanity. Alling's prose flows, ebbs and resurges, her photographic eye is breathtaking. It’s a beautiful book.”

May 15, 2019.Karen Crowley-Susani, Owner of Boulder Centre for Master Builders or Author, Photographer, Blogger or Sacred Geometry Expert and Earth Energy Specialist.

 A Vital World invites you on a journey of the senses, to explore the world with different eyes. It encourages you to embrace the feminine way of living that nurtures life, is connected to life and gives life. The photos give a wonderful opportunity to sink into the written words even deeper. We are invited to acknowledge that life without connection to nature, to the earth, to the feminine lacks essential connection to the divine. The time has come for us to make different choices and embrace the wisdom A Vital World offers.