A Vital World, Women Designing Eden

Cover 4b.jpg
Cover 4b.jpg

A Vital World, Women Designing Eden


A Vital World is available as an electronic copy. A hard copy/ art book may be available fall 2019.

Books are toxic to produce.

The art version will be very expensive and satisfy the longing to touch and see in the physical world, for those who love and want this experience.

This book, as it is about beauty and craft, and is heavily photographic and experiential, does not lend itself to paperback. It is very beautiful and as such must be experienced as beauty.

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It is through the Sacred Feminine grounded here that we will save life and source a vital future.

In this book you will explore your innermost memories of the feminine within through photographs and understand the physical, social, emotional and spiritual essence of this in nature and within us as the integral seed of a vital world.

It is to the Sacred Feminine that we now look as form a new way.

Thank you for your order. May you love this book.

May we act now.