seeding eden

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(This section under construction)

In a world gone mad with toxicity, and that includes the emotional and spiritual toxicity of our culture, it is essential to create places of great beauty and health. The following will be heavy in text and include an analysis of the current devastating forms inherent. Sanctuary is for those suffering from homeless and environmental illness now, for those wanting joy and health in place, for nature and for the future of life as a seed forward. 

If, you have read the other material on this website, you will know life is carrying a body burden of toxicity profoundly deadly. You will also know that form impacts all life. It will be clear to you that industrialized society is dying and destroying life for it is a derivative of aggressive, linear, self-driven taking. The science, competitive mind culture has removed the sacred and compassionate intuitive and gentle aspect of birthing life and living, from any public discourse, acknowledgement, action and form. To recover from this abolishment and denial of the feminine aspect, will require women and the feminine to flow freely loved and gentled into form, action and renewal. It is that simple. 

This section will show how our attitude is the ethics behind the demolition of life in physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspect. To source a future we will only be able to move forward from a very feminine creative being.

We must and will envision a life of sentient beauty, for beauty is the divine source in form and life. It is the only way for the aggressive and arrogant blasphemy that science is god and the savior is a continuation of the attitude that we humans control, make and do life for us, and from us, is a joke. The wisdom of life is here, not from us. It is in the unseen divine spark of life that lies all life and the power of this universe.

The immediate envisioning of a new perspective I think is obvious. The situation will worsen, while the compassionate nature evolves. We humans, wisdom and nature will need lights of healing, and beauty around the world for all people, animals and nature to be in as we move through this tumultuous time of evolution. I cannot sugar coat the situation. It will be the death of an ideology of life and a movement to a new way. Vision of a new way is essential. I do not propose I know all nor have all the answers. I am only one voice and this is my gift.

Therein, lies this discourse. Each section will discuss now and sanctuary in:

1. Physical form, materials, proportions, organization, components, nature

2. Social form with us and nature

3. Emotions in form

4. Spirit in space and all.