This attitude is an assault on the lives of the poor people suffering with this syndrome.

LET ME REPEAT MYSELF: the lives of many of these people are ruined. They live in isolation, abnormal circumstances to protect themselves from toxins, know grief, anxiety, financial destitution, no support system, MANY COMMIT SUICIDE, and some heal themselves. On line they seemingly swing from one emotional state to another, only in hope and despair. Imagine having to get rid of all your beloved things 5 times for they were too toxic. Imagine going from place to place only to get sick. My guess is that I have inhabited close to 50 places in the last twenty years as I got sicker and sicker. I had close to $250,000 in medical debt in and out of major teaching hospitals, with no answer. Imagine what grief and sadness this does to your sense of self. Those that criticize are cheap. Imagine having no money and there is no safety net, no place to land, no place to heal. Shame.

To be so insensitive and cruel and indifferent is an abomination. Yet, I will take the higher ground and offer forgiveness for the ignorance and lack of depth. Most people that do not have this particular set of symptoms do not understand. However, disease rates are staggering and new diseases are on a marked increase all due to toxicity. For those that need science, there is ample science. For those in the medical field who refuse to understand this have a world view that humans somehow are not affected by toxicity even though nature is.

This is the last time I will say anything like this on line for it is depressing and boring. But below are disease rate statistics and organizations that are "fighting" for our rights.

Here are notes from a lecture I gave recently:


One in two men will get cancer. One in three women will get cancer. In 1900, 1 in 8,000 people had cancer.

One in two children will have a chronic illness.

13% of the population has environmental illness.

1 in 10 children has asthma, up by 4.3 million in 8 years.

Children are born with 30,000 to 50,000 chemicals in them.

1 in 45 boys will get autism, 1 in 68 children overall.

80,000 unregulated chemicals are used every year.

1 in 3 adults will have Alzheimer’s. This is up 500% in the past 20 years.
1 in 5 children has allergies.

1 in 7 children are obese.

1 in 10 children has ADHD.

1 in 30 has a mood disorder.

1 in 10 has impaired motor function.

Breast milk is filled with pesticides and plastics.

Toxic chemicals are destroying the gut, organs, brain function, and hormones.

Heavy metals used as additives in petrochemicals are found in children.

Mercury is found in children and it causes developmental disorders.

Personal and home care products contain carcinogens, allergens and endocrine disruptors.

In the US, 2 million tons of pesticides are used annually, killing farm workers.

Eco-systems are collapsing. Species are vanishing in huge numbers.

GMO seeds contain fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, formaldehyde.

Heavy metals in the sprayed in the air from planes (geoengineering) poison all life.

Plastics are toxic.

There are toxic chemicals in all things: air, water, soil, food, clothing, household goods, buildings, electronics, pollution, and so on.
There are toxic chemicals in us all and in nature destroying life.

Modern diseases and diseases on the increase: ADD, ADHD, allergies, gluten intolerance, sinus infections, immune disorders, intestinal diseases, diabetes, IBS, fibromyalgia, COPD.

I have Environmental Illness. Poisoned by an overdose of toxic chemicals. It is estimated 35 million people have environmental illness. 60% are homeless because buildings make them sick.

Many people with environmental illness experience rejection, blame, abandonment, ridicule, anger, and even assault. Many EI's lack access to medical care, food and housing due to their environmental intolerance. Many live in the desert alone and unable to go near other people.

A few of the organizations working to stop this assault:

Alaska Community Action on Toxics
Allergy Kids
Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Mom
Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow
Alliance for Toxic Free Fire safety
American Environmental Health Foundation
Ava Anderson
Barium Blues
Breast Cancer Fund
Bye Blue skies
Campaign for Healthier Solutions
Campaign for
Safer Cosmetics
Center for Environmental Health
Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Chemical Safety Work Group
Clean and
Healthy New York
Clean New York

Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut
Community Legal Environmental Defense Fund
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice
Consumers for
Safe Phones
Contaminated Without Consent, the movie
Deep Green Resistance
Eco Earth
E Shelter
Baby and Angel Mama
Earth Law Center
Environmental Health Perspectives
Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Justice for All
Environmental Working Group
Epidemic Answers
Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride Alert
Geoengineering W
GM Watch
Green Chemistry
Greenpeace Toxics
Clean Living Connection

Healthy Child Healthy World
Holistic Moms network
IPEN A Toxics Free Future
Is it in Us
Louisville Charter
Making Our Milk Safe
MCS Aware
Millions Against Monsanto
Mind Disrupted

Moldy, the movie
Moms Aware
Moms Clean
Air force
Moms Rising
My Chemical Free House
Non GMO Project
Pesticide Action
Physicians for Social
Planet Thrive
Prevent Harm
PVC Information
Reviews of the late Rosalie
Bertell’s work
Safe Markets
Safer Chemicals Healthy Families

Smart on Pesticides Maryland
Stink, the movie
The Auto-Immune Epidemic
The Campaign for
Safe Cosmetics
The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
The Environmental Health Fund
The Environmental Justice and Health Alliance for Chemical Policy reform
The Food Babe
The Human
Experiment, the movie
Toxic Hot Seat, the movie
Toxic Soup

Toxxies, the movie
Levels, the movie

Unconventional Grey, the movie
Washington Toxics Coalition
Why in the World are They Spraying
Women for a Healthy Environment
Voices for the Earth

Someday I hope to heal and someday I hope to design and live in sanctuaries for all life and a higher form of living, one of joy, abundance, love and gratitude- that includes nature for nature is dying.

No one should ever be alone and abandoned when sick. We are here in this world to nourish all life, not destroy it.


Vital design and a vital future

Sustainable design does not address the essence of life.

While this may seem, irrelevant and sound culturally silly, it is of the utmost importance. For we are enmeshed in an idea of mechanics, in all life, as the key to a future. This is the end product of a masculine dominated history where feeling, wisdom, knowing, intuition, compassion, fecundity and beauty are relinquished to the attitude of immaturity, at the least, at the most denigrated and tortured (women and nature).

To sustain is just that, to sustain. What may I ask? (And this answer is about the built environment) Domination in scale? Disorientation in form? Use of materials and design patterns that are toxic? Worship of space as mechanistic? Subsuming nature and place? And so on...with the financial banking system and real estate attitudes as the predominant undercarriage of ego and systems thinking, it is the same toxic overload.

How do we live forward?

It is the above feminine that in form is the draft of a new way. Nourishment of nature and place as the goal. This means nestling, small, non-imposing, and loving in scale, pattern, and material, with nature as the creator. Non-toxic to all physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Lovely in beauty and pattern as a celebration of life. Function as sublime and real not dissonant and fractured. Compassion and connection to spirit and a chalice of life as the heart of the matter. How?

Form, design, scale, materials, pattern have energy when made not only from natural geometry but from our intention. As we make we make from intention. That is energy and becomes that energy in form. Look at middle eastern art, African earth buildings, native American textiles and pottery, European cathedrals, ancient symbolism, we have lost this knowing. I propose we re-remember our knowing and re-create from a sense of community, love of divinity, awe of nature and a balance of the feminine and masculine in form as the chalice from which to have a vital future.



Form/ Design/ Meaning

Form/ Design/ Meaning

How does this impress your heart and soul? What we intend for form is what we make. Inspiration, divinity- God/Goddess, beauty, awe, love...While this is magnificent and grand it means and does what? Answer that in your soul and heart and compare it to the previous post. In what world would you want to live? One of splendor even in the smallest thing or ugly mechanics that are a violation of life. Now translate that into small, nourishing, nestled, loving nature...what would that be?

How do you want to live in the near future and now?

How do you want to live in the near future and now?

Imagine someone puts two photographs in front of you upside down and asks you to pick which you would want to live in. They turn the first over. It is this. They turn the second over, it is blank. They say now in your child's mind, in that place you imagine the most fecund and beautiful life that you surreptitiously imagine yourself in? What is it? Imagine it, bring it forward, You sit, go inside, imagine, and remember deep inside retrieve that place you wish for and love. Now they say which do you prefer?

Ending the Fallacy of "Sustainable Design" and moving to a Vital Reality

Architects, planners, builders are still enmeshed with the world view that ego, arrogance, and domination that is self-serving, wrapped in a politically correct ribbon of new machinery is appropriate to a future. What astonishes me is that those that are smart enough to perceive the fallacy of this attitude, do not. This is a world goes on the in being lauded for making a 5,000 square foot house that is "green', being a major sustainable leader and consulting on a 1200 acre new city in Cary NC that is eating up farm land, or the eco-resort Leonardo Di Caprio is involved with. Massive, meaningless in form, venerated human machinery as god over nature, requiring shipped in resources, travel pollution, and eating up with aplomb a sweet undeveloped island. It is the same mess. He could instead purchase any of the empty strip malls across the US and either let it go back to nature or put in a permaculture garden and tiny housing for the poor, who out-number the rich.

The only answer to a vital future is to wipe the slate clean in our heads and imagine a fecund and nourishing future where nature, us and creative beauty is meaningful and real. Vanish the monstrous ideas about buildings as dead, frightening, soul-less things that have landed and taken over life. Design for the nourishment of nature. Let the devastation return to the wild. Any construction should be about compassion, love, soul and reverence of the fundamental energy of life which is love. Go small, sweet, integrated, sacred in design, supportive and nestling. This is our only way forward.


Morality does not originate from the mind. While moral thought seems to, moral awareness sources from emotions, which come from the soul, which come from the energy of life, pulsing through us and in us, which is love.

The mind is not a solid object. Yes, it has a physical mass, biological and electrical impulses. However, the content, the unquantifiable elements of the mind that leads us in various ways, sources from the unseen of the universe or divinity, flowing through our brain as universe and soul. It is from that source that feeling and spiritual desire, compassion, and oneness flows.

Morality is an intellectual derivative. As it is thought, it is an ego partner, a process farther from the soul. Abstraction is a mechanization of life, causing imbalance and disease. Intuition, and feeling connect directly from the source and source love/ health. Hence, the imbalance in our society which lives in and honors an abstraction of life, lives less in the core of love and more in the mind, ego, domination, arrogance, separation thought.

The quality of a moral future will be in direct relationship to the level of openness we have to the soul. Will we nourish vision and action for a vital world from care, and compassion? Will we allow the soft, feminine, unquantifiable aspect of life to open up and flow to a loving moral future? To source a vital future is not the mind but the heart. The feminine, surrender to the power of love.



Choose to lead

By: Charlotte Alling

A crisis by its’ very nature is fluid. It allows for a break in the norm and an opening for a new paradigm. The crisis in American democracy and the horror of not only climate change but the imminent death of nature (as we know it) and humanity, are commanding a new ideation of life and an immediate imperative to compassionate action. We must and are required, each of us, right now, to move through the crisis “opening” to nourish and create a new vitality, a new Eden. We must dream a new future—not the grey horror we culturally project as a fait-accompli. We must envision a life of bounty, fecundity and joy. This is the shift, this is the only way. Let me explain….

  1. Social human change grows from the root (people) and the soil (nature). We cannot wait for corporations or governments to change. They will not. We are the leaders. We must act.
  2. Our collective ethics and ideation have created toxic poisoning, global warming, violation of life and ego oriented abstraction. We assume superiority over nature, live in ego and competition, consider war and domination as normal, think we have the power and right to control and create life, and are obsessed with abstraction and machinery as the way forward. This is the root of our fallacy and crisis.
  3. Life is divinity. That which makes life is energy from the divine source. Unseen, powerful, beautiful, majestic, and the frontier, life is love incarnate. To have a vital world, to dream a majestic future, to ensure a flourishing life, we must love. For love is the divine source, the energy of creation. We must move our ideology and desire from a mechanistic viewpoint to love with reverence.
  4. The concept, or excuse, of sustainability, is only the desire to “sustain” the same system. It is a continuation of the same attitude and historically decimating action. To perceive a new future we must change our habits and desires. We must perceive bounty and vitality as a divine right. This shift is vital and will bring with it new ideation and new kinds of action.
  5. Our job is to make heaven on earth, right now, each one of us. The door is open. I would suggest walking through it and having the courage to change the paradigm. It is up to you.

Charlotte Alling, author: A Vital World, Women Designing Eden.


A voice for nature, for natural law, for you, me, for all living creatures, all life and Animate Earth.

Doctrine of Violence

This is the new beginning, the moment when I must write once again and speak for the spirit of nature; speak out for the Badger my relative, your relative. The Badger has a voice but people choose not to open their ears to listen or to hear it. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a wild Badger, other wild mammal or bird? They fear us, they fear my species and for good reason. They fear that we will kill them and let’s be truthful my species are responsible for widespread bird, mammal and insect elimination in huge numbers in this country. The state of nature here is poor, we are not safe to be around; and collectively we are an irresponsible super predator, a wildlife killing machine. 


We pollute the land, the water, the air we breathe, we destroy habitat and we kill Badgers, one of many wildlife relatives. I see this clearly in my mind every day and it hurts. It hurts me deeply; it hurts me profoundly to know and to see the suffering of this beautiful mammal and its family. I hear them crying out for protection, crying out to be left in peace, crying out to be allowed to live and I am not alone in this experience.  The situation for the badger is fragile and I and many wildlife defenders and Earth warriors in this country are also crying. We want what the Badger wants. We want the Badgers right to life to be honoured, to be respected and protected.


Whatever happened to the sacred relationship we had with our planet, with nature, the natural world, with wildlife, with the Badger? It is being forgotten by many of us in England with many people disconnected from nature and who seemingly just dont care. But remember Badgers are a beautiful mammal, an integral part of the dynamic diversity of wildlife in this country and we should be celebrating the Badger not eliminating it.


In the here and now many people in Britain including Government politicians show disregard and scant respect for wildlife including the Badger, Fox, Deer, Brown hare, Hen harrier, Bee and many more of our relatives. What does this say about our values as humans in this country? Frankly it reveals a lot about who we are as a nation, what we have become, and our appalling indifference and selfishness in regard to the killing of wildlife and indeed the Badger who are about to suffer a further massacre. Consider this; what are we handing down to our children, future generations of children and future generations of wild mammals, birds and insects.  We as a nation need to pull back from the brink of this wildlife disaster we are creating.   


Unsafe humans, unstable humans, risky, cruel and violent humans supported by politically toxic politicians all lacking in compassion and empathy (something they were not taught during childhood by their elders) are killing Badgers. They follow a doctrine of violence, a road map and see the killing of Badger as their manifest right. It does not matter what you or I think, their blind and steadfast arrogance will not allow for acknowledgment of our concerns, wishes or feelings or the feelings of the Badger. The path they choose to follow alongside ill informed unethical policy (ignoring science and research), using gun and bullet is nothing more than a pathway of inhumanity, violence and killing against a wild defenceless mammal. Their wish is to make life not possible for the Badger.  As a result I fear a road to extinction lies ahead in the years to come for this mammal, a process of elimination from the countryside driven by unscrupulous land owning, farm owning individuals and others with a lust for killing and financial profit.


There is beauty in every drop of water and in equal measure there is beauty in the blood and life of the Badger and in all wildlife of this nation. The national wave of protest continues against the British Conservative Government, their associates and the planned killing of more than 2000 Badgers this year in the English counties of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset.  We make a stand against this senseless cruelty and we must keep on going and we must bring peace to the countryside and peace and safety to the secret and beautiful world of the Badger.


There is law and there is natural law and we were put on this Earth for a reason. We have purpose, the purpose of which is to support the circle of life, to revere and love nature, and to revere and support the natural world. The badger plays a significant, crucial part in the circle of life which must not be ignored by the people of this country. We must stop those humans from disrupting and destroying the circle of life. We cannot have an imbalance in nature, an imbalance in the web of life, an imbalance in the lives and population of the Badger.  




Together we can and we must demand from this government a restoration of our countryside, a restoration of the poor state of nature and an end to the killing of Badgers and other wildlife. The Fox, Deer, Brown hare, Hen harrier, the Bee and many other species are equally at risk. We must protect and love the Badger like we would wish to protect, love and care for our mother Earth. The Badger and its life depends on whether it will be hit by a bullet or not. This is the unhealthy state of play in this country of nations and the Badger needs our staying power, thus we must not walk away from this.


We have been given a voice, we use our voice to speak out and act for the Badger and in using our voice with reasoned thought we know that we have a responsibility to our relative, a responsibility to respect and protect the Badger from those whose intention is to cause harm and to kill. We should not be put in a position by the Conservative Government of this country whereby we spend our daily lives week in, week out worrying about the safety of our wildlife and Badger, worrying about super predator humans out there on killing missions to kill Badger and other wildlife but the reality is we are and we must continue to fight and to put up resistance. The struggle continues.


You and I must teach our children from the early stages of life to have empathy and to be respectful of the Badger, all wildlife, nature and the world upon which we live. The Badger gives us so much joy and we must give much more back to this beautiful mammal in terms of respect and love. We have put up with the senseless slaughter of Badger for far too long in England and this mammal needs our help to live in peace, to survive and to thrive free from the risk of being killed.  We cannot wait day after day for the Conservative Government to change its mode of operation, to change its violent mind set or to make the fundamental changes needed to protect the Badger from loss of life.


With compassion and empathy we must now rise up in peace with the support of non violent direct action for a better future, a safer future for the Badger and the Badger population in this country. It does not matter what you’re cultural or ethnic background is, whether you live in a city, town, village or countryside, it does not matter what your way of life is or how much money you have. What matters is our resolve, our resilience and the need to honour our connection with Mother Earth and the web of life; that in doing so we respect and protect the life of the Badger.